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I create fonts, brands, a new visual language and the future

Hi! I am a graphic and font designer from Moscow. I have worked and am working with many projects of varying degrees of complexity and depth. I was engaged in the development of publications in corporate style for a large youth project and the organization and maintenance of an environmental forum and the layout of websites for companies of various directions. In other words, I am a generalist, in a good way. Now my main occupation (in addition to actual work) is managing my own font studio and font development. But I am interested in working with new projects in a team of people who know their business. I want to gain new experience, improve myself and help the team and its projects improve. I am open to new things and eager to try and learn, as well as to give and share.
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Sriftovik type foundry is a team of enthusiasts who believe that fonts are changing the world. In our fonts, we experiment with forms and meanings to achieve a result unlike anything before. We are happy to create something new and share it with you!
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type designer, graphic designer, visioner

Tikhon Reztcov